Archer, master the trade

"Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: Some things are within our control, and some things are not."

– Epictetus

Focus on what you can control – the rest is baggage. Direct your attention to the journey, not the destination. Good and bad exist only in your thoughts. Happiness is living by your values. Sharing knowledge is your duty.

Forex trading is like high-performance sports.

The Archer Academy is your coach, mentor, and educator. We teach you the art of Forex trading – and more. The coaching, insights, and support from the Archer team and the community will transform your mindset and life. You will be stronger, both financially and personally. Trading is a way of life. Archer shows you that way.

Our mission

Clarity meets precision
We coach you through the Forex market. At the same time, you become mentally stronger. You pave your path: sharp, disciplined, and always focused on your goal.

Our values

Archer is discipline

Focus at every step. Dedicated to the process. Our coaching journey is more than just acquiring knowledge; it is both your compass and a mirror. Bold and honest.

Archer is development

Quick wins are a utopia. Archer is not a bulletproof Forex strategy. It is developing yourself financially, professionally, and personally. Patience, perseverance, and discipline enrich every aspect of your life.

Archer is a community

You never trade alone. Archer brings together those willing to change their way of life and mindset, to push their limits and surpass them. Background, diplomas, and education don’t matter. What our network has in common is their dedication and drive.

Archer is transparent

Behind Archer are not chatbots but real people, with real expertise, in a real office. The trading world can sometimes be vague and complex. That's why Archer aims for 100% transparency. There are no shortcuts in trading, only hard work, integrity, and patience.

Our office with a healthy food bar

The place where you can find your mentor for advice, both on trading and on a personal level. Where you meet your fellow traders during live events or for lunch at Fuel Antwerp, our healthy food bar. Where the Archer team works every day on new insights and ways to share their knowledge with you. It's our trade arena, and you’re always welcome.

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